You may be the most organised person on the planet and know exactly where all your insurance related documents are and know exactly when renewals fall due.

That’s great, so why is CoverSafe still for you? Well, in addition to storing all your general insurance and insurance-related documents securely online, on one impartial and dedicated website, CoverSafe not only oers a large array of other products and money saving services, but it also allows you to quickly, securely and easily see if you have any gaps in cover, have duplicate cover, or indeed if you have had any changes in your circumstances; for example have you added some new alloys to your car, or moved house and no longer store it in the garage, have you had a baby or had a child reach 18 and not told your insurance company?
Are you having any work done at home and checked that your policy insures you whilst you have workmen there? Once these works have been completed, have you advised your insurance company of these changes and made sure there are no additional premiums, reductions or policy changing alterations that mean you would not be covered in the event of a claim on your policy? All these, and many more, seemingly minor details can quickly and often catastrophically change your insurance cover making it potentially null and void, leaving you and your family extremely exposed to risk and expense.

If, like 26m other people in the UK you are not that organised or struggle to find the time to juggle such mundane and often time consuming matters eectively, then what are you waiting for, sign up now.

Our SmartPhone App also allows you to view and receive alerts direct to your mobile or tablet device, so you will never be out of touch with your cover no matter where you are in the world.