With over 4.6m small to medium enterprises (SME’s) in the UK currently, you may be one of the fortunate company directors, secretaries or operations managers in charge of making sure that your business is correctly insured and up to date.

At CoverSafe, we make your job easier. We store, provide alerts and renewals for all your business insurance needs: such as Public Liability, Employers Liability, Contents Insurance, single vehicle and fleet policies, servicing updates, MOT reminders and VED (vehicle tax) reminders and renewals. As with your own personal vehicle, if one tiny slip up means you forget to tax or MOT your business vehicle, did you know that your insurance is completely invalid and whilst this does not incur penalty points, it does carry a maximum £1000 fine and even means your company is liable for all damage, and worse, in the case of a death, imprisonment of the owner or director.
At CoverSafe we provide links to brokers dealing with all the cover you need as a business, whether you are a sole trader, partnership, private limited company or PLC. All this information is then uploaded or linked using our API software to your insurance underwriter and stored in chronological, editable and easy to use database.

What’s more, if you are in charge of your business insurance yourself, you can link this with all your personal documents in one handy, online, secure site. If on the other hand you want a member of your staff to do this, you can still have a separate login for them so they can only use the business section but you will still be able to view both accounts.

Our SmartPhone App also allows you to view and receive alerts direct to your mobile or tablet device, so you will never be out of touch with your cover no matter where you are doing business. You can also use your Camera to photograph your documents and email them to be uploaded to your account.