About CoverSafe.

100% FREE!

100% SECURE!

CoverSafe is a unique, secure, online service provided completely free to all our customers, personal or business, where you can securely store all your insurance data, policy documents and certificates in chronological and editable order. In addition, you can store any insurance cover related documents and anything else that has a direct or indirect link to these documents.

In addition, CoverSafe provides unique offers from our selected partners dedicated to saving you time and money and making sure you are fully covered for life’s eventualities.

No more hunting for your renewal letters, trying to find your no-claims certificate and no more storage of reams and reams of paper. Imagine the impact this will have on our environment too.
Q - Do you know where all your important insurance documents are?
Q - Can you locate them all quickly enough when your renewal is due?
Q - Could you find them in an emergency?
Q - Do you know if you have duplicate cover on any of your policies?
Q - More importantly, do you have sufficient and up-to-date cover?
Q - Have you notified your insurer about any changes in your circumstances?
Q - Is your MOT on your car or van still valid?
Answered ‘no’ to any of these questions?

Then you need a CoverSafe account.